TukTuk Patrol Discount – Only $14.95

One of the best Thai porn sites online today is TukTuk Patrol. Filmed on the streets of Thailand, the creators behind this site utilize a three-wheeled taxi, called a tuk-tuk, to cruise around town to pick up amateur chicks as well as working girls. A few of the Thai girls starring on this site are true beauties. They could practically be models except for their petite stature. As of today TukTuk Patrol features 159 full scenes, over 30 hours of HD video, and 10K+ high resolution images. Be sure to watch the free preview videos displayed on the tour to see a glimpse of all the hardcore action you will have access to with your new membership. With this deal you receive access to every patrol for less than $15 total.

Our discount for TukTuk Patrol drastically lowers the membership price by up to 67%. For only $14.95 you can receive full access to every video and gallery available within the site for a 30-day period. That is $15.00 off the standard price of $29.95 listed on the tour. To save on a continual basis instead of just on your first month, select the 12-month plan for $119.95. That is just $10.00 per month and 67% off. Are you ready for the vacation of your life? If the answer is yes, click here to take advantage of our instant discount.

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