Trike Patrol Discount – 67% Off

The basic premise behind Trike Patrol is a tourist who takes his trike, short for a motor-powered tricycle, out for a spin on the wild streets of the Philippines to find exotic babes to have sex with. Not only are these Filipina ladies sexy, but they love to fuck. With a subscription at Trike Patrol you gain access to an extensive archive of 300+ sexual encounters starring real Filipina girls as well as consistent updates every Friday. These scenes are now better than ever because they are now available in high definition. As of today there is over 600+ hours of HD footage and over 65K+ images available within the site. The craziest part about this site is not a single condom was ever used.

The standard cost for a 30 day membership at Trike Patrol is listed at $29.95  however our discount decreases the access fee by 50% to only $14.95. You save $15.00 off the membership fee simply by using the link below! Since this price break is only valid off your first month, you may want to purchase the yearly plan for $119.95 instead. On average, this plan will cost you only $10.00 a month and save you 67% off. To access Trike Patrol at this discounted price you have to use this link when you signup.

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