Sperm Cocktail Discount – Now $20 Off

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With a membership, you can easily stream or download all 197 videos that are currently available within the SpermCocktail.com member’s area. In addition to videos, you’ll also find 44 picture galleries which showcase the cum-swallowing action as it unfolds! Once you are done watching videos from Sperm Cocktail, you can access over 85K additional videos from PornStar Network. This network has a total of 48 individual sites which you can access from one member’s area. With our discount, you’ll gain access to the entire network as well as multiple daily updates for cheap.

If you use our discount to purchase your monthly membership plan at Sperm Cocktail you’ll save $20.00 off today! This one-time price break lowers the cost of your first month of membership to just $9.95. If you remain a member however you’ll pay the full price of $29.95. To save on a continual basis, and pay even less per month on average, simply select the 1-year plan for $89.95. That is just $7.49 per month on average, a 75% discount. To receive this deal on your account you must join via this link.

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