Scam Angels Discount – Save up to 70% off today

Cheating on your significant other is always a risk, and even more so at Scam Angels. Thisadult site showcases the hottest adult starlets in the game in one twisted update after the next. Once they find a married man with everything, they go out of their way to seduce him. It isn’t just about the sex though, as the real goal is to blackmail him after! They simply record the action with a cellphone, and then threaten to show his wife. Once they get their cash, it’s off to exotic locations to party and blackmail the next man.

As a member of Scam Angels, and the LetsDoeIt network, you’ll gain access to every single video and gallery update. Currently there are 50 individual updates available. With your account you will have the ability to stream as well as download one video after the next, downloads are however limited to 25 per month. You’ll also be able to log in to the member’s area via your mobile phone or tablet. And since the LetsDoeIt network updates frequently, you’ll have plenty of videos to access. At last count, this network boasts 17 exclusive adult sites in total, over 1,800 hardcore videos, and some of the hottest babes from around the world.

Our Scam Angels discount allows you to save up to 70% off. With this deal you can purchase a 30-day membership for $14.95, a savings of $18.00 off the regular price of $32.95. While this plan only offers a 55% discount, you’ll save 70% with the 1-year plan. The cost of this yearlong membership is just $119.95, or $10.00 per month on average. To purchase your membership at Scam Angels with this offer simply click here.

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