Pure Taboo Discount – Join For Only $9.95

Pure Taboo is a site which explores the darker side of sex. They offer you an excellent selection of twisted fantasies that are filled with humiliation, perversion, and rough sex. “Half His Age – Part 3” is a fine example of what you’ll find at PureTaboo. In this scene, a teacher takes two of his female students to a remote cabin and has a threesome with them. When his wife turns up, he panics. While trying to figure out what to do next, one of his students disappears and we hear a gun go off. When she returns, she’s covered in his wife’s blood. He can’t believe his eyes. He grabs her and locks her in a room to gather his thoughts. While in the other room, she calls her stepbrother who turns up shortly thereafter with a friend. They tie up the teacher, and force him to watch as they have group sex right. All Pure Taboo videos have a similar hyper realistic, otherworldly vibe to them.

Currently there are 19 exclusive HD videos in the PureTaboo member’s area, including 1 behind the scenes featurette. You’ll also find matching Hi-Res image sets to go with each video. This is an actively updated site which means you can expect at least 1 new taboo fantasy per week. From kinky stepfamily action, to home invasion fantasies, and humiliating cuckold scenarios, they’ve got a little bit of everything.

Pure Taboo has a regular price of $29.95 per month however today you can join for just $9.95 for your initial 30 days. That’s an instant $20.00 discount. Click here if you would like to take advantage of this first month deal. Option number two is a 1-year membership for $95.40. That’s 74% off the regular price and an average monthly fee of just $7.95. Click this link if you’d like to maximize your savings and go with the 1-year membership plan instead.

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