Public Agent Discount – 50% Off

The suspense of having sex in public while possibly being caught at any moment is what makes the videos within Public Agent such a thrill to watch. Our discount saves you a minimum of $7.50 and gives you full access to a sizable collection of public sex videos. These point of view videos, filmed in high definition, feature fake model agents tricking beautiful women into thinking they may be the next big fashion model. These potential models will do almost anything, right there in public, to get their foot in the door.

With our $7.50 discount you pay only $17.45 instead of the full price of $24.95. That is a 30% discount off the list price. To save even more money select either a 3 month membership priced at $41.95 or a 6 month membership priced at $76.95. These options break down to $13.98 and $12.83 a month respectively. To join Public Agent at any of these new rates you have to use this link.

April 13th, 2015: Pricing options updated.
April 7th, 2015: Public Agent is now part of the FakeHub network. Our FakeHub Discount is an even better deal at only $12.83/month.
December 30th, 2014: A Public Agent membership is now included with our BigZ Discount which is an even better deal for only $9.95 at 60% off.

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