Property Sex Discount – $15 Off

Imagine you are a landlord and one of your tenants, who is always late on her rent, just happens to be rather hot college chick. Do you allow her to take advantage of you, kick her to the curb, or do you take control and bang some sense into her? At Property Sex, this unique real-life scenario along with other concepts are explored in explicit hardcore videos that are 100% exclusive to the site and available in 1080p high definition. Whether the renter is getting fucked or the hot real estate agent puts out in order to sell a house, it is all fair game at Property Sex.

With our discount at Property Sex you save $15 off the regular monthly price and pay just $14.99 for full access. This 50% price break remains intact each month you renew your subscription. To receive an even lower monthly rate you need to purchase the 12 month subscription plan. This yearly plan offers the lowest monthly rate $8.33 per month respectively. To join Property Sex for cheap you have to use this link.

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