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If all you want for Christmas is to see your favorite porn stars oiled up from head to toe, you will definitely want to check out Lubed. The latest video update has an Xmas theme and features brunette babe Kara Faux. She surprises her boyfriend on Christmas morning by dressing in sexy red lingerie and a Santa hat. She also gives him enough oil to fill a bath tub. This is exactly what he wanted for Christmas so he wastes no time in drenching her entire body with baby oil. He squirts her with so much lube that her lingerie becomes transparent. She peels it off and proceeds to pour even more lube on herself. Now that she’s fully slicked up and ready for action it’s time for the real fun to begin. She gives her boyfriend an oily handjob and blowjob combo and then sits on his big dick. Her pussy is soaking wet due to the extra lubrication but still super tight. The scene continues on from there and as you can imagine it is jam packed with wet and messy sex. Even the ending is a sticky mess as Kara’s boyfriend cums inside of her and all over on her swollen pussy lips. If you subscribe to Lubed today, you’ll receive access to Kara Faux’s scene as well as 197 others. Best of all, if you take advantage of our Lubed discount you can access everything for cheap.

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