Dirty Coach Discount – $10 Off

At Dirty-Coach, getting laid is top priority, training secondary. It’s a game between the coaches to see how many women they can bang each a week. When petite brunette babe Angel enters the gym, one of the more unscrupulous trainers chats her up and offers her a complimentary personal workout session. She happily accepts and they proceed to a private room. After a brief warmup, the shady trainer makes his move. Angel’s ass looks so delicious in her tight yoga pants that he can’t help but give it a squeeze. Lucky for him she seems to be into it. When she turns around to face him, they embrace and kiss. He grabs her ass again, this time with both hands, and then she grabs his crotch. She drops to her knees and takes his erect cock in her mouth. Next he bends her over a bench and pulls her yoga pants down just enough to expose her pink pussy. The scene continues from there and only gets hotter.

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