Date Slam Discount – Save $10 Off Now

The hottest chicks are not on some silly dating app, they are on Instagram, SnapChat, and various other social media sites. Surprisingly, a ton of these aspiring models are looking for more than just fame. What they really want is a big hard cock, and they want it now! If you haven’t succeeded in picking up a hottie from a social media site, you need to check out Date Slam. This brand-new porn site follows one man who spends his days chatting and his nights hooking up with hot chicks.

Including today’s new update, there are now 16 updates available within the member’s area at Date Slam. Your new account entitles you full access to every update. This includes the ability to stream and download in 1080p, on nearly any device. You’ll also find photo galleries available. Typically, each video update comes paired with both a high-quality photo set as well as a candid set. Both sets of photos are available to browse image by image, or to download collectively via zip file. Furthermore, you’ll have full access to regular updates.

If you purchase your membership at by taking advantage of our discount, you’ll pay just $19.95 for your first month. This discount saves you $10.00 off the regular cost of $29.95 when you opt for the monthly plan. If you want an even better deal, and the ability to save every month, you will need to select another plan. The first available option is a 3-month plan for $59.95, or $19.98 per month on average. This plan offers a 33% discount off the regular price every month. Next up is the 6-month plan for $89.95. That is just $14.99 per month on average and a total discount of 50%. The final option is a 1-year plan for $119.95, or $9.99 per month on average. This plan will save you $240.00 cash which is the same as a 67% discount. To use this discount, you must subscribe via this link.

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