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Dad Crush is a newly released taboo site which explores the relationship between stepdaughter and stepfather. Sometimes a girl will develop a crush on an older gentleman, often times her own stepdad. This is a phase which many girls go through, especially if mom marries a DILF. However, in the vast majority of cases, these crushes are fleeting, and are rarely acted upon. At Dad Crush, they aim to explore this taboo stepfather on stepdaughter fantasy in explicit detail. These risqué scenarios are brought to life by talented 18 and 19-year-old porn starlets such as Lily Jordan, Peyton Robbie, and Mickey Tyler. And when we say talented we are of course referring to their cock sucking and fucking skills rather than their acting chops. Although, if truth be told, these babes are quite convincing in their role as flirtatious stepdaughters.

Dad Crush is hot off the presses, so to speak, which means there are a limited number of scenes to choose from at the moment, 205 to be exact. But rest assured, many more are on the way. In fact, multiple scenes are in production as we speak which you can expect to see in the member’s area very soon. Dad Crush videos are available to stream in HD quality directly inside the member’s area. You can also download scenes in MP4 format in low res, hi res, and full 1920x1080p HD quality. Each scene has a matching image set which you can download via ZIP file. You can also browse these galleries directly inside the member’s area. Thanks to a responsive layout which adapts to most screens, you can access the member’s area and your favorite videos at home, or on the go via your mobile phone, or tablet etc.

You can purchase a Dad Crush membership today for the cheap price of just $5.00 per month with a yearlong membership. The cost of this 1-year membership plan is $60.00 which is paid in one easy installment. They also offer a standard month-to-month subscription for the reduced rate of $9.87 per month. That’s 60% off the regular monthly price of $24.87. If you choose this monthly subscription you will save $15 per month which is a fine amount. However, with the 1-year plan you will reduce your overall cost by 80%, making this the better deal of the two. You can also pay for your subscription via PayPal if you’d rather not use a credit card. Click here to save on your new membership at Dad Crush.

December 6th, 2016: pricing and stats updated

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