Brain Washed Teens Discount – $20 Off

Brain Washed Teens is one of the most unique fetish sites that I have come across as of late while scouring the internet for new deals. Their exclusive videos spotlight the kinky sexual fantasy of brainwashing beautiful and unsuspecting girls into becoming sex slaves. Once these sexy porn starlets are brain washed they become true sexual playthings and are willing to do anything asked of them including blowjobs, hardcore sex, facials, and more. As of today a membership at Brain Washed Teens grants you full access to 34 mind control porn videos as well as free access to a large and highly distinguished network of additional fetish porn sites.

To gain access to Brain Washed Teens you would normally need to pay $39.95 however our discount saves you $20 off this price which lowers the price to just $19.95 per month. While this particular plan is cheap, the 3, 6, and 12 month plans offer an even lower monthly price. For example, if you subscribe for 1 year you pay just $99.95 which is equivalent to $8.33 per month, a savings of 80%. To select either of these plans at Brain Washed Teens you need to use this link.

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