Border Patrol Sex Discount – $20 Off

If you are sexy female who is attempting to illegally cross the border into a new country, you need to make sure that you are not caught by one of the horny security guards from Border Patrol Sex. Instead of arresting every illegal immigrant they come across, these twisted agents put their female prisoners to the test to see if they should be allowed into the country or not. All it takes is a blowjob and a deep-dicking and they may let you pass, but if you are a boring fuck they will probably send you packing right back to where you came from. Our discount at Border Patrol Sex allows you to join for a 1 month period for less than $10. Instead of being charged the regular price of $29.95, our discount saves you $20 and lowers your price to just $9.95 for your first month of membership. To get this deal at Border Patrol Sex you need to use this link when you subscribe otherwise the correct price will not be listed.

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