American Daydreams Discount – $10 Off

American Daydreams is where fantasies become reality. A perfect example of this is a recent video update starring Nikki Benz. In her scene, a guy by the name of Chad becomes infatuated with Nikki during her first day at a new job. Soon Chad dozes off, thinking only about how he wants to blow his load all over her face. Thankfully, his dream quickly becomes a reality. If you have a fantasy about having sex with a luscious porn star, you just may discover it at American Daydreams.

As of today, there are 137 individual updates available within the American Daydreams member’s area. Each update consists of both a video and matching photo gallery. With your account, you can easily stream or download any video you desire in resolutions up to 4K UHD. Best of all, there are no restrictions so you can access this site as much as you want. In addition to these exclusive scenes, your membership includes unrestricted access to all 47 sites within the Naughty America network. This bonus network access drastically increases the amount of porn and frequency of updates available to you.

If you purchase a subscription to American Daydreams with our $10 discount, the cost of your first month of membership drops from $24.95 to $14.95. While this price break is a solid offer, you can save even more with a 1-year plan. Surprisingly, the cost of this 1-year plan is just $71.40 upfront. At this cheaper price, you save 77% and lower the cost of an average month of access to $5.95. To purchase either of these plans simply subscribe via this link.

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