Amber Hahn Discount – Save up to 67%

Amber Hahn’s exclusive site has been online now for only just over 8 months and already features a massive collection of high quality photo sets and videos. As of today there are a total of 50 photo sets available within her member’s area for you to browse or download individually by zip file. A total of 50 videos are also available which range in resolution from 720p to 1080p. Each and every video can be downloaded or streamed from within her site. Perhaps one of the best reasons to subscribe to Amber’s site is the interaction that is available for all members. For example, you can private message Amber directly and even interact with her during one of her steamy live webcam shows. Her interactive webcam shows are always scheduled in advance, and if you do happen to miss a show you can always download an archived copy. As an added bonus, you also receive access to her private blog which is also frequently updated and filled with lots of candid images from her personal life. On top of all of this, you also gain free access to the entire Pacino Network of adult sites, 13 in total. With our discount for new members you can enjoy unlimited access to all 14 sites for up to 67% off the regular price.

The regular monthly price for access to Amber Hahn’s new site is $29.95/month however if you join with our discount you save $15 instantly and pay only $14.95 for your first month of membership. To save even more money, select the 3 month membership plan. With this alternative membership plan you pay an average of only $9.98 per month for 3 months. There is also a yearlong membership available for $149.95 which is equivalent to a $12.49 monthly fee. To join Amber Hahn for cheap you have to use this link.

April 15th 2016: Cheaper pricing added.

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