Looking for a specific discount?

If you are in search of a discount for a specific site be sure to use the ‘Discount Finder’ on the top right of every page of this site. It’s the easiest way to find exactly what you are looking for. Just click on the drop down box and you can quickly scroll through every discount that is currently available on this site. Then simply click on the view post button! The link for the discount is usually near the bottom of the post. If you can’t find a site that you are looking for please respond to this post and I’ll let you know if I can find it for you.

You can also discover new sites within a certain niche by just clicking on any link in the niches section which is directly below the finder. It’s a good way to find a site that you may have never been exposed to before.

Year long memberships

Signing up for an entire year for a particular website is really the best option if you are looking to save the largest amount of money. Even though most websites do offer year long memberships these days, not all of them run special promotions on those join options. Here are a few that are current available with increased yearly discounts:

AlluringVixens is home to some of the most beautiful bikini models on the web. Their normal discounted yearly membership rate is $249.95, but if you use our promo code you save an addition $50 bringing the price down to only $199.95. That is a total of $159.45 in savings off the full yearly price. To get this join rate click here and use the promo code alvxyear.

Petite Lover:
If you love petite girls be sure to check out Petite Lover. You can now signup for an entire year at Petite Lover for only $99.95. That is a total of $199.45 in savings. To get this discounted yearly rate simply use this link. No promo code needed.

SpunkyAngels is a massive multimodel website with sizable collection of models and weekly updates. Normally if you signup for an entire year at SpunkyAngels the price is $249.95, but with our promo code you pay only $199.95. This is a total $159.45 in savings over the monthly billing option. To get this deal use this link and enter the promo code sayeardeal.

X-Art is known for producing the hottest artistic hardcore porn videos online today. With our discount you can select either a 1 or 2 year membership and pay $8.33 or $6.25 a month respectively. To get this X-Art discount you need to use this link.


The Best Porn Deals

We have finally reached a total of 50+ available discounts and I thought it would be a good time to showcase some of our best porn deals we currently have listed on the site. In my expert opinion these are some of the better discounts available when you want to buy porn for cheap. They pack the most value for the least amount of $. Simply click on a site name below to learn more about that particular deal.

Top Network Site Discounts: 1 membership gets you full access to a network of sites containing a wide variety of niches. Listed in alphabetical order:

Top Multimodel Discount Sites: 1 site featuring a ton of models within it.

I’ll keep this particular post updated as I come across other discounts worthy of being on this list.

October 17th, 2014: 
BigZ discount added
September 2nd, 2014: Added Dane’s Pass, Jim’s Pass, Stiffia, Gloryhole Swallow, Amateur Creampies, and TeenDreams 
May 24th, 2014:
New Spizoo discount price added
May 20th, 2014: New TeamSkeet discount price added
May 4th, 2014: 18 Only Girls, Spizoo Network, and FTV Girls added

How to buy cheap porn online

Although it may seem ridiculous to some that anyone still pays for porn online with the amount of free videos out there, there are still many benefits of becoming a paying member of a site. In this article I’ll discuss those benefits as well as how to save some $ when you do decide to sign up.

Benefits of joining a site:

  1. Ease of access: Most of the larger sites now have thousands of models, tons of videos & galleries, and so much more to offer all in one place. When you become a member, you get access to everything all in one spot without having to waste time trying to find a certain gallery or video. Time is $. Even if you don’t spend $ on a membership you are wasting your time trying to find stolen content.
  2. Security: Keep in mind that anyone who is willing to steal content from a site and provide it for free is still trying to make $ off you. They will do this by referring you to a download service with a monthly fee, displaying ads & popups, or even installing crummy software on your computer without your knowledge.
  3. Updates & Interaction: When you signup, you get regular access to the latest content as well as interaction. The better sites are now evolving into hubs where you can like content, search content, get notified about updates, & even interact. This interaction with the models/photographers/website can work in your favor if there are certain things you want to see or features that you would like to have implemented.
  4. Quality: When you watch videos that are stolen on tube sites they are typically very low quality in comparison to the download options you will find within the actual site the content is from.

How to save money when you do signup:

If you have found a site that you do want to spend $ on, go to their join page and see what price the membership is for 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, etc. Next, open up a new tab in your browser and go to your favorite search engine and look for the following:

  1. Discount Links: Discount links are links that change the price of the site on the join page itself. When you use these links keep in mind that not all discount links will work and some may be fake. All you are doing is seeing if the price changes on the join form. If the site doesn’t look reputable don’t click on their links. These type of links can usually be found by searching for the site name followed by the word discount or special price.
  2. Promo Codes / Coupon Codes: Even if you do not see a promo code box on the join page, doesn’t mean there aren’t promo codes available for the site. Search for the site name followed by promo code or coupon code and see if anything is available. Sometimes the promo codes are listed elsewhere and then redirect you to the join page with the new pricing.
  3. Pricing Options: Carefully examine the various pricing options available. Generally the longer term you signup the cheaper the price is per month of membership. When you combo longer term memberships with discount pricing you can save a ton of $ off the normal prices.
  4. Read the fine print: You are here to save money, not pay more $. Make sure there aren’t any pre-selected boxes on the join page that give you extra sites for free for 2-3 days of access. These typically renew at very high prices to extract $ from your wallet and are not necessarily easy to cancel.

If this post helped you please leave a comment and be sure to bookmark my site as we have more discounts coming every week.

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